Elke and I Took a Trip to Philadelphia

Yesterday, Elke and I took a day off of work to visit the city of brotherly love. We had an interesting road trip…. We were probably about 20 minutes from Philly when the lovely GPS voice gave us some instructions that led us off the turnpike and through some town in Jersey (I have no idea!). The GPS continued to give us directions that would eventually lead us back towards NYC – we wasted about an hour this way. So, we never made it to the museum (at least inside) which is where we had intended to go. Other than that, we had a great time – I enjoy that fair city 🙂

Cheesteak (this was Elke’s – I don’t eat meat).

Since we were late there was no one at the Liberty Bell.

Chinatown (stinks like fish soooo much that it cam in through the a/c vents).

Patou (on Market Street)

delicious $5 sangria at Patou (The place was empty. The drinks were delicious and cheap. Does not compute.)

It was HOT and the fountains at the museum of art were filled with folk trying to cool off.

Elke liked this so I took a photo.

Sometimes Elke is funny (she was also a boxer so….makes sense).

Tremendous bowl of crab pad thai (I still have most of it…dinner tonight!)

To see complete gallery click here.


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