Drink Up Buttercup, Illinois, Pianos…

Illinois (shot with my blackberry)

So, last night after falling asleep and waking up 5 minutes after the time I should have left my house, I headed out to Pianos to see my dear friends – Drink Up Buttercup. I had decided earlier in the day not to lug my camera equipment for fear of rain. Plus, I wanted to listen to my friends play because, often, I am so focused on shooting a band I really don’t hear them.

On my run from the Second Avenue train station, I thought I heard someone call my name but was intent on not being late to the show and so kept on going. Sorry Andrew but thanks for texting me – would have been nice to see you – it’s been awhile. I also saw my friend Brye – who I did say hello to but kept on going. I arrived at Pianos to find DUB onstage but they had not started playing yet and that made me happy. They sounded great and I’m glad that I decided to just listen. Then I stayed for their friends Illinois. This ban is terrific! I enjoyed them so much that I had to take a shot with my blackberry as an excuse to write this post. Check out these bands any time you can!


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