Gallery: Portland, Oregon

I absolutely loved Portland. The 4 days that I spent with Bree were loads of fun. Lots to do and amazing people. It’s a bit of a haven if you ask me. I took lots of photos so click to the gallery to see them all 🙂

uPortland 016
Bree and I started over some coffee.

uPortland 020
Portland takes water conservation seriously….how easy it could be for all of us.

uPortland 022
This is all they make here – I didn’t have any but how could you go wrong with those ingredients?

uPortland 041
Gallery Opening – Molly Maine, “The Stare’s Nest” at Coffeehouse NW.

uPortland 057
Bree and I went sunglass shopping. I like our pics.

uPortland 075
Lovers at Holociene

uPortland 086
Point Juncture Washington at Holociene

uPortland 223
The Pimps of Joytown at Good Foot

uPortland 245
yeah…..that happened.

Portland is filled with various plants:
uuPortland 278

uuPortland 302

Mississippi Street Fair:
uuPortland 329

uuPortland 311
The Freak Mountain Ramblers

uuPortland 345

uuPortland 314

Saturday Market:
uuPortland 381

uuPortland 316
Blackened Catfish Po Boy at Miss Delta

uuPortland 351
Sweet Tea with Vodka at Bye and Bye

uuPortland 376
Garden Burger with Fries at BOG

uuPortland 377
Black Bean Nachos at BOG

uuPortland 385
Conveyor Belt Sushi

uuPortland 387

uuPortland 389
Shrimp Temupa

uuPortland 394
Marie’s home grown lettuce with goat cheese

uuPortland 395
More of Marie’s home grown lettuce with Pesto dressing

uuPortland 400
Bree’s veggie mac and cheese

uuPortland 420
Jenny’s salsa

uuPortl 407

This was my last meal in Portland, black bean burger, veggie mac and cheese and salad with pesto dressing:
uuPortland 421

uuPortland 436
Jesse, Marie, Bree

uuPortland 446
Jenny, Andy

uuPortland 450

uuPortland 465

uuPortland 462

uuPortland 442
Bree’s front porch….bye Portland.

For complete gallery click here


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