Gallery: Old Friends

These are old high school friends. Well, Maria is – the boys did not go to my all-girls school, but, I knew them during that period of my life. Except for Greg, who I’ve never lost touch with. How’s that for a description?

u6.25.09 067

u6.25.09 076

u6.25.09 031
Mark (who was my prom date) and Jeanne

u6.25.09 081

So, this was their grammar school reunion – I did not go to their school – only their reunion…

u6.25.09 054

and here is something you rarely see here…photos with me in them.

u6.25.09 059
Me and Maria (photo by Greg). You can tell I’m not enjoying being photographed.

u6.25.09 063
Greg and I (photo by Maria). I think this is the first photo that I’ve ever been in with Greg.

u6.25.09 065
Maria, Greg, me (I’m really not sure who took this photo…sorry)

To see complete gallery click here.

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