Stats Check

Rain, Brooklyn, NY 5/1//07

Since I’m not shooting until the end of the week – I thought some fun filler info would be stats checks. See what people are looking for and at. You?

Top 20 Search Engine Terms
richard lawson gawker
lady gaga butterface
maryanne ventrice
jokes 2009
artie lange book signing
artie lange book
dimitri martin
richard lawson
“drink up buttercup”
lady gaga butter face
a place to bury strangers
john oliver
caithlin de marais
“the party faithful”
“richard lawson” gawker
chris sifflet
the dead river company
“patrick harmon”
drink up buttercup

Top 20 Posts clcik on the titles to read the posts.

Video: Lady GaGa – Butterface (Poker-Face Parody)

Artie Lange Book Signing 11/11/08

Gossip Girl Discussion Panel at The P.I.T. 5/9/08

Gallery: 50 First Jokes 2009

Galleries: PELA, Holly Miranda, Neckbeard Telecaster

About Me

Interview: Billy McCarthy of PELA – round 2

Video: activités agréables – video 8

Gallery: The Dead River Company

Interview: Amanda Milke

Liam McEneaney’s European Tour Kick Off

Interview with Patrick Harmon of The Party Faithful

Reflections 2007: Women’s Boxing at Gleasons

Gallery: Family Hour With Auntie Sara 9/13/08

Riding the Rails: NYC to Lancaster, PA and Back

Photos: Alina Simone – book reading

#1 Featured Comedy Vid-New Sarah Palin Vlog

Gallery: CMJ 10/25/08

Gallery: Family Hour With Auntie Sara 11/1/08

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