Gallery: Sean Donnelly

a small gallery.
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4 responses to “Gallery: Sean Donnelly

  1. I like the lighting.


  2. Thanks!

  3. Hi Maryanne. It is difficult to make this kind of photography. The concert pictures are always complicated by the variety of elements that are flooding the scene: various lights, colors and directions, musical instruments of different sizes, textures and colors, a lot of movement, making it difficult always good metering . For this reason we must be very creative and active in this type of photographic work and I see that you are.
    I like your work in black and white. A daring in this world flooded by the color of the irritating media scenarios.

  4. WOW! Thanks so much. This is what I love and so the “difficulty” actually makes me happy. I like the black and whites as well:)

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