Show: AUCTION!! 3/17/09


Be GREEN with us! 7:30 pm at Ochi’s Lounge beneath Comix

It’s St. Patty’s Day and, if you love theme nights as much as Chris does, you are going to have the kind of St. Patrick’s Day that Auction will be providing. Start the night right and make Auction the last thing you remember doing.

Jamie Lee
Jon Lang
Lisa Levy
Blaine Perry
and more?

Comics love doing this show and it shows for the audience. Check out these raves:

“This is a show I did.” – Tom Shillue

“I talked about obscure David Hasselhoff movies and I got 5 bucks.” – Matt McCarthy

About Auction:
A show that acts as an alternative to the impersonality of Ebay and the seriousness of antiques roadshow. At “AUCTION!” comedians bring hilarious stories along with the objects theyr’e about, and you bring riot gear and a few bucks for the bid wars that follow. Hosts/Auctioneers Chris Sifflet and Kevin Tor and the funniest people in New York want to party with you.


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