25 Random Things

So, I’ve seen these lists all over facebook – but – I’m putting mine here. 25 Random Things about me – read if you like – or not 🙂

u9.13.08 002

1. My daughter is my favorite person. Recently, someone that was standing in her room referred to it as “this person’s room” and I knew that they had no idea who I am.
2. I have always lived in New York City.
3. I love science fiction movies
4. When I was a kid I mostly read books about Astronomy and Archeology.
5. I wanted to be an astronaut.
6. I once did a free swim with sharks in The Bahamas – actually – twice –once diving and once snorkeling.
7. I’m afraid of heights.
8. I love roller coasters – for the speed.
9. I have a bad habit of looking into people’s eyes when I talk to them. It makes many of them uncomfortable.
10. I have a backache almost all of the time…and bruised knees too.
11. I know the faces and bodies of friends that I have photographed for years so well that I can see even small physical changes in them immediately.
12. I really like to do laundry but dislike most other house cleaning activities.
13. I have no patience for people who waste my time.
14. I love the sound of children playing and laughing.
15. I almost went to art school but chickened out.
16. I still know all of my ex-boyfriends.
17. I have a small metal clip in my right breast which points to where I had a biopsy. I do not set the buzzers off in the airport.
18. Sometimes I feel like an imposter and can’t wrap my mind around some of the things that I have had the privilege of doing – why me?
19. I don’t miss eating meat but I do miss eating carbs.
20. I don’t know how to drive and have no desire to learn.
21. I love airports, train stations and bus terminals – transitory places.
22. I have dozens of pairs of shoes and love buying shoes but am happiest being barefoot.
23. I used to know how to knit and crochet but can’t remember how anymore.
24. I love fireworks – especially bottle rockets. We used to have epic fireworks displays on my block when I was a kid – which means – we were lucky we didn’t blow our fingers off.
25. I love how there are moments when the city is silent, no traffic, no voices – it blows me away.


2 responses to “25 Random Things

  1. You said I was your favorite person. In the diner. I remember. Right after you made me your emergency contact.

  2. Yeah, I never actually made you my emergency contact – that has always been Kristin – because she’s the smartest person that I know…and she’s my favorite person as well.

    However, you are my favorite friend from NJ – I have never taken NJ Transit to visit anyone else.

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