Photo: Last of the 20D?


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This is the last photo that I shot on Friday night when my camera ceased to operate properly. I was at The Bell House (one of my favorite venues) to shoot The Great Lake Swimmers for Prefix when about 4 songs into their set my camera began to continuously click away as if taking photos. I did all sorts of things – change the lens, memory car battery… I even cleaned the connections (while crouched down by the stage). Nothing worked. This darn thing clicks even when it’s turned off. Possessed? Perhaps. Anyway, I have purchased a camera to use during the interim while I way to see if Canon can repair my trusty ole friend.

P.S. I’d like to commend some other photographers and press for their sympathetic reactions to me.

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2 responses to “Photo: Last of the 20D?

  1. Maryanne, thanks for being a pal to Bell House and Union Hall. It’s great to see your photos online from both places. xxUHBH

  2. Thanks Jack – Both Union Hall and The Bell House are favorites on my list of venues…uhm…less red lighting, perhaps?

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