Photo: Kooky Fan At The Bell House


So, I’m about to write another slightly controversial blog about an experience at The Bell House – that place is a bevvy of interestingness (and I love it there).

The guy in the photo is not in a band, he’s not a tech…he’s…a fan. This guy got up on stage between the sets of Daniel Martin Moore and Haley Bonar (The Great Lake Swimmers were headlining). He picked up the guitar (Haley’s guitar) and started strumming. The second photo is him posing for a photo that his friend took. The sound guy had to come up from the back and kick him off the stage. The other photographers and myself (often in between sets the only people who are by the stage are photographers) looked at one another and after cracking up agreed that while we have seen many strange things happen at shows – we’ve never seen anything like that before.

To see photos from the show’s performers click here


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