Gallery: Kevin’s Birthday Party

So, I went out to South Amboy, NJ last night for my friend Kevin’s 30th birthday party (Happy Birthday Kevin). I had not traveled out to Jersey before on the train and quite liked the experience. I had a fine time with him, his wife (Loly), their two dogs (Penny and Pokey) and his friends.

zpty 222

zpty 204

zpty 213

zpty 200

zpty 235

While it’s true that I left the party prior to the game of Pictionary Man (what?), I had a fine time. It’s the trip home that I want to make some points about:
1. There were several large moving animals on the track that I can only hope were cats.
2. People drink on those NJ Transit trains…cans in paper bags – no joke.
3. Those same people take those paper bagged cans onto the NY subway. I’ve lived here in NYC all my life and have never…NEVER seen such behavior from my fellow New Yorkers. We drink in the streets where we live, we don’t take it on the subway!

…Perhaps it’s just a symptom of the recession – who can afford to drink in the bars anymore.

To see complete set o photos click here


2 responses to “Gallery: Kevin’s Birthday Party

  1. Once again, it meant so much that you came. As for the ride home commentary, those weren’t cats most likely. Best to keep walking as you must have done since you’re still alive. And the beer in brown bags is a jersey thing. If you got on at Newark, it would be beer in a bag and a sleeve of popcorn. One time, a guy had a dufflebag of beer. He sat down next to me and pulled out beer after beer. He offered me a beer multiple times. I usually face forward.

  2. Who knew that I would have such an adventure on my way home from NJ? What a hoot 🙂

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