Reflections 2008: Pets

Often, when I’m visiting friends, I photograph their pets…I also photograph mine quite often. So, here they are:
u4thofJuly 006

11.20.08 029

u4thofJuly 058


This is not actually a pet…this bird landed on the scaffolding that was outside of my office. It just at there and I took some photos with my cell phone.

Christmas Day 2006

ujuly5th 016




7 responses to “Reflections 2008: Pets

  1. Even as a guy (of sorts) I have to say that these are adorable. And thanks for feeding Natasha’s massive need for public attention once more.

  2. Thanks!

  3. where are bella and hoss?! i’m gonna cry. but at least lil’ old cashmere made the cut. awwww.

  4. Take a good look at that photo…that cat followed me into the bathroom and so in order to make the situation as awkward for Cashmere as it was for me – I took his photo. I don’t actually have any photos of Bella and Hoss – it’s unfortunate because I like those kitties 🙂

  5. There can never be enough photos of Buckley in his dog suit on the internet.

  6. Too bad Milo is so shy 😦

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