Election Day!

So, now we wait.

This morning I met a woman from Harlem who waited on line with 300 people to vote – she was BEAMING!

This afternoon I strolled through Rockerfeller Center and shot some photos of their Election Plaza set up.



All day I watched on Facebook as my friends voted. I’m so happy that each of you shared that!

This evening I myself voted – and did not wait on line (so I still have the M&M peanuts). On my way home I saw met a young man worried that he would not find the poll (I directed him to the location). I also saw people walking with a purpose – they were on their way to vote 🙂


And, I just saw that my daughter voted in her very first presidential election – she made me one proud mama!

The news of record turnout warms my politically jaded heart (I studied a lot of American History – so – it’s had for me).


See, I know that politicians have an interest in keeping people disenfranchised. If more people vote, they will have to take them into account an THIS is how we affect change. No matter what the outcome of this election, I am proud that so many people went out and exercised their right (for many – one that was hard earned) to vote.

This cracks me up:
They run on BOTH tickets…

To see complete set of photos click here


2 responses to “Election Day!

  1. These pics are awesome. Very nice.

  2. Thanks Kevin!

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