KiDROCKERS! 10/26/08 at Le Poisson Rouge

What do you do after spending 5 days and nights shooting bands? You shoot 3 more and a bunch of kids in their Halloween costumes. All joking aside, this is my favorite project. And so, I bring you the KiDROCKERS!

Hosted by Seth Herzog and Craig Baldo.
uphotos 771

uphotos 751

uphotos 814
Amy Winehouse

uphotos 813
Ozzy Osborne

uphotos 979

uphotos 816
Casey Shea

uphotos 939

uphotos 1063
Jukebox The Ghost

uphotos 1131

To see complete set of photos click here


2 responses to “KiDROCKERS! 10/26/08 at Le Poisson Rouge

  1. Thanks!!

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