CMJ 2008 Wrap Up

I enjoyed CMJ quite a bit this year. I think it’s because I was able to spend some time with some pretty spectacular people.

u10.23.08A 127
Press and photographers upstairs at Pianos

Thanks especially to Bryan Bruchman. CMJ wouldn’t have been the same without you!
u10.21.08 282

New finds (they were sooooo good – you need to listen for yourselves):
Wye Oak
The Muslims

I wish I had seen more of this band and found out what they were going to do with all those pedals:
The Depreciation Guild

My favorites (always!)
Pela – They NEVER disappoint. Love these boys 🙂

Drink Up Buttercup – So much energy, so much fun!
Hopewell. Impressive – they played so loud I could hear them through the wall of the venue after I had turned the corner outside – YES!

These are some wonderful people that support Indie Music – check them out!

The Music Slut

Pop Tarts Sucked Toast
Matt from Ear Farm
Obsession Collection
Paolo from The Deli Magazine
Chris from The Battering Room
Jeramiah from StereoactiveNYC
Brooklyn Vegan
DJ Shannon from KEXP
Vince Keng (who takes tons of photos and video – but I cannot locate a web site for him)
Trupin Photography
This Side Up
Bob Sanderson
Serious Business Records
Dovecoat Records

And a special shout out to all the door guys that cracked up at my ziplock bag wallet 🙂

u10.21.08 378


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