Gallery: CMJ 10/25/08

The last day of CMJ was a blast for me (even though it rained most of the evening).

I began the afternoon at Gothamist House (at The Bell House in Brooklyn). Then off to Cake Shop, Pianos and finally – The Delancey.

zphotos 067
The Depreciation Guild

zphotos 125
Drink Up Buttercup

zphotos 318
The Art of Shooting

zphotos 651
Abigail Warchild

To see complete gallery click here

In the Gallery:
The Muggabears at The Bell House
The Depreciation Guild at The Bell House
Drink Up Buttercup at Cake Shop
The Art of Shooting at The Delancey
Mancino at The Delancey
The Secret Life of Sofia at The Delancey
The Silent Years at The Delancey
Gold Streets at The Delancey
Abigail Warchild at The Delancey

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