Gallery: CMJ 2008 – Day 1

I think I shot eleven bands on Tuesday. It was a good beginning to CMJ 2008 for me as I met up with my friend Bryan and saw some good bands with him (and some – without him).

u10.21.08 228
Pattern Is Movement

u10.21.08 407
The Unsacred Hearts

u10.21.08 273
Two Man Gentlemen Band

u10.21.08 387
Crowd at Pianos

In the Gallery:

Holy Moly at Pianos
The Shackeltons at Pianos
Secret Life of Sofia at the Cake Shop
Au at Pianos
Bridges and Powerlines at the Cake Shop
Pattern Is Movement at Pianos
Two Man Gentlemen Band at Pianos
Tim Williams at Rehab
Mason Proper at Rehab
The Unsacred Hearts at Pianos
Looker at Pianos

Click here to see gallery


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