The next two weeks will be crazy busy for me. It will be all fun stuff (including a trip to Buffalo to see my baby at college) so I’m not complaining :). I’m going to post as often as possible but may not get to things as quickly and as regularly as I usually do and for this – I apologize.

In the meantime, I’m still looking for participants in the Activities Agreables project (for those that I haven’t scheduled, I promise that I will get to you soon) and for Interview subjects. So, if you are interested email me:

Here are links to Activities Agreables:

Bryan shoots a photo

Brendon makes salsa (yum)

John takes some hits

Emily tells us a story… … …

Elon palys Xbox (R-Rated)

Isabella drinks a bottle

Ces talks about writing

Sara tells us to shut up and listen to her

Eric and Diana dance

Here are Interview Links:

Amanda Milke – painter

Billy McCarthy – Singer/Songwriter/Musician Interview #2 (2008)

Billy McCarthy – Singer/Songwriter/Musician Interview #1 (2006)

Dave Cool – Filmaker

Patrick Harmon – Musician



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