Gallery: Liam Finn and The Veils at The Bell House 10/11/08

u10.11.08 459
An amazing finale with both bands onstage!

Liam Finn:
u10.11.08 208
To see complete set of photos from Liam Finn click here

The Veils:
u10.11.08 072
To see the complete set of photos of The Veils click here

It was an interesting evening. The bands were great and still full of energy as this was the end of their tour.
Unfortunately, I witnessed a very ugly exchange between some concertgoers last night. Some were drunk some were not. In between sets there was a shift in audience (as usual) and some pushing occurred – which is pretty normal – but – then – a very drunk guy used some racial slurs against a non-drunk girl and it was pretty ugly. A word of advice to all who get close to the stage, it’s often crowded and people are on top of you – if you come up – expect it and deal with it in a polite way, even if others are not. It will make the evening better for everyone.


2 responses to “Gallery: Liam Finn and The Veils at The Bell House 10/11/08

  1. I happen to be that “very” drunk guy. And while I admit i had a few it was not as bad as it may have seemed. I acknowledge that people will push and shove and a concert which is exactly what I explained to the “non-drunk” girl (yeah right). This as you mentioned was to be expected and was met met with extreme politeness however, when met with nothing but extreme stubborness politeness wears thin pretty quickly. I do now apologize to whoever that girl was for using the word I did that was wrong of me in every sense of the word. I do not apologize for anything else as I was in fact doing whatever I could to make the experience better for me and my fellow concert goers at the front of the stage.

  2. Austin, I was actually in agreement with you until the unfortunate comment (which I attribute to drunkenness – as I don’t think you would have said it otherwise). You may be right that the girl was inebriated; I have no hard evidence about that. It’s just my opinion. I know you tried very hard to be polite and were not met with politeness in return. My point is – if you come up front, expect to be banged around and don’t get annoyed when it happens. It’s rock-n-roll for crying out loud – not the symphony.

    I thank you for the apology about the comment 🙂

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