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On Friday, I took my friend, Jeff, to dinner for his birthday (along with Ces). What’s happening with Jeff is interesting. He really enjoys his job yet will more than likely quit at the end of the year because it is taking over his life. He’s working 16-17 hour days. It’s a cautionary tale for me because – right now – I’m dealing with a situation at my job where there are certain managers that want me and my co-workers to put 2 to 3 extra hours of work in each day. The reason that I have stayed at my job all these years (at a pretty minimal salary) is because it has given me time – time to spend with my daughter and now that she’s gone off to college – time to spend with my friends and artistic pursuits. It is a battle that I willing to wage.

At the same time, my aunt is approaching the final moments of her life. What would she do for more time?

It’s my done to the bone conviction that all we have is time and deciding how to spend it has become a real focus for me. I have recently realized that people who waste my/your time are probably the rudest people on the planet. Nothing pushes my buttons more than when faced with someone that has wasted my time. I’m working on placing such individuals where they can’t do much damage. They won’t mind, generally speaking, they are too selfish to see much of anything outside of themselves.

C’est La Guerre


2 responses to “Time

  1. Great and timely post. I recently let go of a “so-called friend” because everytime I came into contact with her, the little time that I had was wasted on frivilous things.

    I’m sorry to hear about your aunt.

  2. Thanks Dru.

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