Gallery: Until Midnight – 9/25/08

u9.25.08 033
Bricken Sparacino and Samantha Jones open the show at The Zipper Factory Underground

u9.25.08 053
Ian Archer-Watters

u9.25.08 072
Baron Vaughn

u9.25.08 118

u9.25.08 150
The Sisters Rock

u9.25.08 127
Lisa Furtado

u9.25.08 158
Mark Douglas

u9.25.08 186
Master Lee

u9.25.08 194
Paul Tabachneck

u9.25.08 207
Carolyn Zweben

u9.25.08 227
Penny Pollack

u9.25.08 259
Mistress B

u9.25.08 318
Chris Harcum

u9.25.08 335
Comedy Period

After the show, we were led to the after party by the comedy improv troupe, God Tastes Like. I have no photos because it was raining and my camera is not weather proof. However it was pretty darn funny to be led parade like through the streets of midtown to the cry of Cluckalujah!

u9.25.08 386

u9.25.08 396

u9.25.08 405
The show’s creators: Bricken Sparacino and Samantha Jones

To see the full set of photos from Until Midnight and after party click here

From the show’s creators:
Until Midnight
a monthly NYC happening like nothing in existence. Bringing the avant-garde and alternative performers to the forefront for main stream audiences. This is NOT Broadway, they couldn’t handle it! This is some of the finest dirt, grit, and risky work in New York. The underground performance scene in NYC has been providing safe place for brave and eccentric artists to explore and perfect their work. These artists now come to UNTIL MIDNIGHT with their BEST 5 minutes to show main stream audiences what has been going on underground.

Hosted and created by award winning comedian and solo performer Samantha Jones and award winning director and acclaimed burlesque hostess Bricken Sparacino who bring you 15 of the best performers from the underground scene each with their best five minutes. UNTIL MIDNIGHT, The fastest paced variety show with the best work from the city’s bravest performers.

After the show the audience is whisked away via an unexpected form of transportation to an undisclosed location for an after party that may include live music and drink specials….or it may be something else. It’s a surprise….


2 responses to “Gallery: Until Midnight – 9/25/08

  1. thanks for all that you do Maryanne!
    -Bricken 🙂

  2. It’s always a pleasure to work with you, Bricken!

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