Top 10 Search Engine Terms

One of the neat things about WordPress is that you see some stats about your blog. So – here are the top 10 search terms for people that find this li’l ole blog (oddly, I’m at the top of the list and at the bottom of the list – what does that mean?):

1. maryanne ventrice
2. billy mccarthy
3. “drink up buttercup”
4. friendship
5. chris sifflet
6. sara benincasa
7. francis and the lights
8. a place to bury strangers
9. patrick harmon
10. “maryanne ventrice”

So, becasue this is a photography blog, here’s a photo of each (except photos of me – that’s a bit silly)

2. Billy McCarthy – What can I say about Bill – He’s a wonderful friend and amazing performer – check out Pela whenever you can (There are also 2 interviews that I did with Bill – links are in the right hand column)
u5.18.08 109

3.Drink Up Buttercup – These guys tear the house down!
u9.20.08 058

4. Friendship (people clicked on the story with a series of photos that I conducted of male friends)
Tai Thai 2/16/07

5. Chris Sifflet (just for the record – I think Chis is Googling himself – everyday!). Chris is an up and coming comedian – check out the web site for Comix in NYC to find hos show schedule
u9.5.08 055

6. Sara Benicasa – Sara’s recently acclaimed viral YouTube series of Sarah Palin vlogs has helped my blog get lots and lots of traffic – Thanks Sara!
uSarasParty 002

7. Francis and the Lights – This is a truly wonderful band – really – check them out.
u8.10.08 1099

8. A Place To Bury Strangers – These guys are on fire so it’s not surprising that people are searching for them.
A Place to Bury Strangers @ Club Europa 1/11/07

9. Patrick Harmon -Patrick has been in a few bands – most recently – The Party Faithful. There’s been some traffic on an interview that I did with him about a year ago (the link is in the right hand column)
zz5.31.08 003


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