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Brooklyn, NY December 1993


Modest Mouse at McCarren Pool Park 9/8/07

Last night, I arrived at McCarren Pool Park around 8:00 pm. There were quite a lot of people in front, on various lines. Then one of the event workers shouted, “Anyone with a ticket can go right up to the front”. I was inside in minutes. I made my way around the side of the large crowd and was right up front (about 4 rows in). Fifteen minutes later, Modest Mouse hit the stage. It was a really terrific show! I shot these photos with my cell phone. They are not good photos, but to me they look a bit like paintings, which I think are interesting.

This ladies and gentlemen, is Johnny Marr. I’ve only seem him play once before, many years ago (like 20 of them). He (and the other 2 ex-Smiths) played as a back up band for Sinead O’Connor during her first US tour.

For more crappy photos of Modest Mouse click here

The Party Faithful and Hector on Stilts

Last night, my good friend, Patrick, used a clever bit of emotional manipulation to get me to head out to Williamsburg to see The Party Faithful. Why did I need convincing? Because – I’m cheap and lazy. I owe him a debt of gratitude. It’s probably the best performance of his I’ve ever seen.

Take a look:

Then, I headed over to Fontana’s to see Hector On Stilts. They are from Albany, and they are a lot of fun. Check them out!

The ‘Secret’ Project is Up and Running

Click on am image to see how this is progressing. I’ll put something together at the end once the project is complete.
Click an image to see more….

Tattoo Project



I’ve been attending the Santa Rosalia Feast, commonly referred to as the 18th Avenue Feast for at least half of my life. Years ago, I went with friends and then later, with Kristin, when she was a little girl. More recently, simply, to get a bag of zeppoles to bring home to my family. It occurred to me that as that neighborhood changes, this event may come to an end. So, I decided to document it. As I walked through – I saw a very diverse crowd (as you can see). It made me think that this may indeed continue for some time to come.

Langhorne Slim takes over Europa


I’ve know Langhorne for about 2 years. Last night was the first time that I photographed him. He has a way of getting the crowd going….