DUMBO Arts Festival, The Hole, and, Why I can’t go out four nights a week….

DUMBO Arts Festival:

For more photos of The DUMBO arts festival click here

While walking to 66 Water Street for Deli Magazine’s music series (part of the DUMBO Arts Festival), I stepped into a hole,
twisted my left ankle and proceeded to fall (hard). On the way down, I hit my left knee, my right knee, both of my palms, my nose, chin and finally, my right shoulder. Three very sweet ladies were concerned and stayed to help me up – but I sat there for a bit because I was worried about my camera (which was in my bag and crashed to the concrete with me).They, quite nicely, waited for me to check my camera and helped me up. I went on my way but realized that I hadn’t checked the lens. So, I took out the camera and heard glass shaking around…. Luckily, oh, so, luckily, it was the UV filter that has cracked.
My lens cover was jammed into it.
The UV filter ha saved my $300 lens. I will ALWAYS cover my lenses with them! Then, a little battered,
onto the show.

Danny (of The Big Sleep) was DJ


For more photos of Benzos click here

The Picture
More photos of The Picture click here


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