The ‘Secret’ Project


For some time now, I’ve been thinking quite a bit about these two topics. Why, as human beings, do we need to do this? There are some people that cling to their secrets like it a scarf in a cold wind – protecting them for the elements. Some people turn to lies to keep themselves out of trouble or not to hurt others feelings. Some do it for personal gain.

What would people do if given the opportunity to tell their secret or lie? What would be revealed?

This project gives you that very opportunity. Just write your secret or lie and drop the card in the mail. Since most of the participants are in New York City, it would be impossible to tell whom the card is from. And think about this – would you be able to recognize anyone’s handwriting? I hardly ever see the handwriting of my friends. We always communicate though email or text messaging.

If I don’t run into you and you want to participate, send me your address – and I’ll mail a postcard to you.


I’ll photograph the cards and post them to

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